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1. It is your duty to obey applicable laws: GETRENTALINCOME is not a  service provider, and your use  must be for lawful purposes.
2. Information on our Website is not professional advice: The content on our website do not translate to financial, technical, vocational or legal advice for you to rely on. Before acting on any information on our website, make sure that:
• The service offered meets your needs
• You review the associated terms and conditions for each service or make contact with the service provider where you need clarity
• Where you are in doubt, seek professional advice
3. Our website information might be out-of-date or incomplete: We do not offer guarantees, warranties or representations concerning our website content in any express or implied manner. We expressly state that we have no obligation to update our website information. Every user has a duty to check providers’ website for details before buying a service.
4. We have no duty of care with respect to linked websites: All websites that we link to on third party basis are provided for informational purposes only. We do not offer approval or authorization for services provided by third parties.
5. Advertising disclaimer: only provides comparison and reviews of service providers. We have no stake in the business of such providers, and only derive compensation for the links on our website. All the data provided on our presentations can be influenced by website popularity and not necessarily by service efficiency.
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We at liberty to make changes to our website content as the need arises. It is the responsibility of the user to check for changes that reflect our business goals and user need. When there are changes to terms and policies, they will be so reflected on the respective pages affected.
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