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Should You Invest In The Dallas Real Estate Market?

What Does Turnkey Property Investment Mean In Real Estate? Investing in Dallas real estate is always considered a good decision by seasoned rental property investors. Cities like Dallas have seen residential exodus characteristics with both domestic and international immigration. The Big D’s home prices have been skyrocketing with homeowners and renters improving their desirability to […]

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Nashville Real Estate Market Trends & Investment Outlook

Portland Real Estate Market Trends & Investment Overview   Nashville housing market remains one of the hottest markets in the US. Despite the pandemic led economic slowdown, there is healthy demand to purchase homes in the Nashville real estate market. Across the nation, we have seen people moving from big cities to the suburbs. Nashville […]

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How to Get Started in Mobile Home Investing

3 Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities to Jump On in 2021 When it comes to real estate investing, most people only think about conventional properties like single-family homes, multi-family homes, condos, and apartments. A potentially lucrative niche that is often overlooked is mobile home investing. According to a 2018 survey, 17.7 million people (or 5.6% […]

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Best Houston Neighborhoods To Buy Investment Properties In 2021

Houston neighborhoods come with an urban charm and a family-friendly vibe. Houston alternately makes the news for massive traffic jams, hurricanes that periodically hit the city, falling oil prices, and its rampant rate of growth. For example, Hurricane Harvey flooded more than a hundred thousand homes in August 2017 which kind of froze the Houston […]

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Denver Real Estate Market: Prices | Trends | Forecast 2021

Where to Buy Chicago Investment Properties in 2021? Housing data by DMAR. Housing Forecast is an estimate based on data from multiple sources. While it is deemed reliable, it is not guaranteed. The Metro Denver housing market remains consistently hot and skewed to property owners. Denver Metro saw a 2.4% increase in the number of […]

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